June 21, 2011

Lots of updates... finally... after almost a whole year!!!

I finally updated my blog... mostly because everybody want to see pictures of Ezekiel... I also put the other kids birthday's in there... however there is a lot that I did not include because putting up posts take alot of time which I am finding with 4 kids is a precious commodity!!!

Benjamin's 7th Birthday

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Ezekiel Bruce Merrill

Born May 18th 2011
at 5:51 am
8 lbs 6 oz and 20 inches long

We are so happy to have "zeek" come to our family.... once he decided to come... he came super fast...we had to rush to the ER and didn't have time to take the other 3 kids to the sitters. The kids got to wait in the waiting room with a super kind nurse, and literally joined us moments after he was born, as you can see in the pictures.

Moments after he was born!!!

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Aleyah's 4th Birthday

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Madison's 9th Birthday

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June 29, 2010

Mega Updates....a long time in coming!

I know I FINALLY got around to updating my blog... since I am out a school until after we move. Hopefully, I will be better at updating this blog. Yes, it's true I am not going to school in the fall, I could not get a class during Aleyah's preschool, so I have to take it after Shane get's home... but he needs to study for the Boards (kinda important) and my class would not have ended until 12-15 and Shane graduates 12-11 and we want to get outta here ASAP... to join the family for Christmas fun! The last fun thing we did was go to Washington DC with Shane's family... it was fun... and it is funny because we are going again in a few days to spend the Independence day there for the parade and fireworks in our National Captial.... should be super crazy with all those people but it will be blast as The Daniel family will be joining us and we have hardly seen them since they moved!

Jefferson Memorial

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Lincoln Memorial

A fountain behind one of the Smithsonian museums.

Hahaha... I just realized this picture is sideways... soo funny.
One of the many flags surrounding the Washington Memorial.

The White House

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Arlington National Cemetery

This is one of the Merrill relatives that is buried in Arlington. Thank you Alvin for your service!
The bottom picture is the changing of the guard... super awesome to see!

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